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Project Description

This project is designed for managers of public computers, for example, school computer labs, public libraries, etc. The problem with these sorts of computer implementations is users often fail to log off when finished with the computer. If fast user switching is enabled, this can result in multiple logged in users consuming compute resources on the workstation. If fast user switching is disabled, this can result in a user's private information potentially being compromised.

A common solution to this issue is to use a screen saver to initiate a logoff process for the user. While this can be effective, it makes it impossible to enable proper power management on the computer because the screen saver is disabled if the monitor is set to go to sleep.

This project attempts to eliminate these problems by launching a simple, customizable application that displays a warning message after a specified time period that prompts the user to continue or end the session. If the user fails to acknowledge the prompt the session is automatically terminated.

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